We know all too well that property values in New Jersey are among the highest in the country. In fact, as recently as 2017, the Garden State was listed as the 12th most expensive state to buy a home.

So have you ever wondered how far your Ocean County money would go in, say, a tiny town in the Midwest?

Well, thankfully, it's easy to get that answer!

If you were looking to spend about $180,000 to buy a home in Toms River, you could get something like this:


This 2 bedroom/1 bath home just off Coolidge Ave checks in at 800 square feet. A nice starter home for a young family!


But take that same $180,000 to Fond du Lac, WI, a small community on Lake Winnebago, and here's what you can call home:

Google Maps
Google Maps

At over 3 times the size, checking in at 2,482 square feet, this 3 bedroom/3 bathroom brick masterpiece is perfect for a growing family looking for lots of room to run around!

Both homes are indeed on the market, by the way!

You can check out the Toms River home, at 1958 Old St, by clicking here.

And if you feel like moving out to "Fondy", you can take a look at 551 S. Park Ave by clicking here.

Oh, and I should probably disclose a fun fact - that house in Fond du Lac? It was my grandparents' home for over 50 years. In fact, my great-grandfather literally built that home.

It's been out of the family for about two decades now, but it holds a really special place in my heart. I have many, many happy memories of visits there, and I know that house inside and out like the back of my hand. The inside has changed considerably since my grandparents passed, but just seeing it from the street brings back some of the happiest memories of my childhood.

If you ever wanted to move your family out to the Midwest, I couldn't think of a warmer home to settle down in!


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