Lots of votes and yelp.com helped us find the best Chinese food in Ocean County and Monmouth County.

At least once a week we get Chinese food and it never disappoints. It's becoming more and more popular for holidays as a choice for family dinners or get-togethers.

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Chinese is easy and fast and you can get it delivered if you don't even feel like going out. It's a great take-out quick Friday night dinner for the family and a great idea for a holiday dinner.

kelly holinshead, istockphoto
kelly holinshead, istockphoto

Last week I asked on Facebook for the "best" Chinese food in Ocean County and Monmouth County. We had so many different Chinese restaurants I didn't even know about. I can't wait to try the ones I haven't yet.

In Ocean County, Chinese food is so popular. It's the number two place to choose a Friday or Saturday night family dinner, next to pizza. And it's funny when we have people over no matter what, everyone has a favorite Chinese restaurant. Chinese is number three for take-out in Monmouth County.

Our Chinese restaurant knows what we get when they see our phone number come in, do you think we eat there too much? BBQ boneless spare ribs, pork fried rice, chicken Lo Mein, and of course, 2 egg rolls.

The best? Do you agree?

*Triple Green - 1506 Main Street, Belmar, NJ

*Peking 88 - 1743 Rt. 88, Brick, NJ

*China King - 912 W. Bay Avenue, Barnegat, NJ

*New Great Wall - Rt. 9, Bayville, NJ

*Hunan Garden Restaurant - 814 Fischer Blvd., Toms River, NJ

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