Today counts, your time counts and your vote counts and matters perhaps more than you may think it does.

Be an informed voter, vote your conscious and how you feel and don't be persuaded on who to vote for because someone tells you that you should vote for that person. Be your own person and make your own decisions.

Vote for who you feel will make the best, ethical and humane decisions as a representative leader of your town, county, district, state and country in this and any election.

Be respectful of others. If they don't vote for who you vote for they're not a bad person and it's okay to disagree but do so respectfully.

If you want to see change, if you want to see good in the community and the world, remember that it starts with how you treat others.

The primaries in June cut down the candidates to who would be on the general election ballot in November and those candidates are on the respective ballots you will see at the polls today.

Take the time out and go out and vote today...because it matters just as much today as it did yesterday and will again tomorrow.

Here is who is on the ballot for Jersey Shore affected races:

Ocean County:

Barnegat Township Committee - Republican Albert Bille vs. Democrat Peggy Houle

Barnegat Light Council - Republicans Frank Mikuletzky & Samuel Alloway.

Bay Head Mayor - Republican William Curtis.

Bay Head Council - Republican Douglas Lyons & Holly MacPherson.

Beachwood Mayor - Republican Ron Roma Jr.

Beachwood Council - Gerry LaCrosse & Ed Zakar.

Berkeley Township Mayor - Republican Carmen Amato Jr. vs. Democrat Laura Shaw.

Berkeley Township Council At Large - Republicans John Bacchione, Tom Grosse and Keith Buscio vs. Heather Walsh, Mario Ciasulli and Joshua Eckersley.

Brick Council - Republicans James Fozman, Victoria Chadwick, Max Flores and Neil Napolitano vs. Democrats Andrea Zapcic, Arthur Halloran, Lisa Crate and Vincent Minichino.

Eagleswood Committee - Republican Michael Pasternak.

Lacey Committee - Republican Steven Kennis and Peter Curatolo vs. Edward 'Ted' Kownacki and Erik Mazur.

Lakehurst Mayor - Republican Harry Robbins.

Lakehurst Council - Republicans Steven Oglesby and Brian DiMeo.

Lakewood Committee - Republican Albert Akerman vs. Democrat Moshe Raitzik.

Lavallette Council - Republicans Robert Lamb and Michael Stogdill.

Little Egg Harbor Committee - Republican Barbara 'Jo' Bobbi CREA vs. Democrat Leona Weigele.

Manchester Council - Robert Hudak vs. Bill Peck.

Mantoloking Council - Republicans Lynn O'Mealia and D'Arcy Green.

Ocean Committee - Republicans Benjamin LoParo vs. Democrat Keith Hoffman.

Ocean Gate Council - Republican Joella Nicastro and Robert Livingston.

Pine Beach Mayor - Republican Lawrence Cuneo.

Pine Beach Council - Republican Barry Wieck and Raymond Newman.

Plumsted Committee - Republican Herbert Marinari and Robert Bowen.

Point Pleasant Council - Republicans Joseph Furmato Jr. and Michael Thulen Jr. vs. Democrats Mary Sadankas and Derek Reichenbecher.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor - Republican Paul Kanitra vs. Democrat Lawrence Dooley.

Point Pleasant Beach Council - Republicans Arlene Testa, Douglas Vitale, Thomas Vogel and Thomas Toohey vs. Democrat Ernest 'EJ' Geiger.

Seaside Heights Mayor - Republican Anthony 'Tony' Vaz.

Seaside Heights Council - Republicans Richard Tompkins and Louis DiGuilio.

Seaside Park Mayor - Republican John Peterson Jr.

Seaside Park Council - Republicans Faith Liguori and Ray Amabile.

Ship Bottom Council - Republicans Tom Tallon and Robert Butkus.

South Toms River Council - Republicans Tanya Mosley and Thomas Rolzhausen vs. Democrats Richard Applegate and Joseph Principato Jr.

Surf City Mayor - Republican Francis Hodgson Sr.

Surf City Council - Republicans Jacqueline Siciliano and Peter Hartney.

Toms River Mayor - Republican Maurice "Mo" Hill vs. Democrat Jonathan Petro.

Toms River Council At Large - Republicans Matthew Lotano, Joshua Kopp and Kevin Geoghegan vs. Democrats Drew Boyle, Karin Sage and Michele Williams.

Tuckerton Council - Republicans Samuel Colangelo and Michael Santo.

Ocean County 9th District Assembly - Republicans Brian Rumpf and DiAnne Gove vs. Democrats Sarah Collins and Wayne Lewis.

Ocean County 10th District Assembly - Republicans Greg McGuckin and John Catalano vs. Democrats Eileen Della Volle and Erin Wheeler.

Ocean County 12th District Assembly - Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton vs. Democrats David Lande and Malini Guha.

Ocean County 30th District Assembly - Republicans Sean Kean and Edward Thomson vs. Democrats Steven Farkas and Yasin 'Jason' Celik.

Ocean County Sheriff - Republican Mike Mastronardy vs. Democrat Gene Davis.

Ocean County Freeholders - Republicans Jack Kelly and Ginny Haines vs. Democrats Jean Czarkowski and David Wright.

Monmouth County:

Aberdeen Council At-Large - Republicans Theresa Furmato Velardi, James Eccles III, Alicia Botticelli and William Sullivan.

Aberdeen Council At-Large - Democrats Gregory Cannon, Arthur Hirsch, Robert Swindle and Concetta Kelley.

Allentown Council - Democrat Robert Schmitt.

Atlantic Highlands Mayor - Republican Loretta Gluckstei vs. Democrat Rhonda LeGrice.

Atlantic Highlands Council - Republicans Stephen Boracchia and Brian Boms vs. Democrats Linda Pend-Grooters and Kendall Keelen.

Belmar Council - Republicans James McCracken and Thomas Carvelli vs. Democrats Cheryl Russo and Maggie McBride.

Brielle Mayor - Republicans Thomas Nicol.

Brielle Council - Republicans Michael Gianforte and Cort Gorham.

Colts Neck - Republican Sue Fitzpatrick.

Eatontown Council Full Term - Republicans Kevin Gonzalez and Ashleigh Kennedy vs. Democrats Tonya Rivera and Albert Baginsky.

Eatontown Council 2-year Term - Republican Joseph Olsavsky.

Eatontown Council 1-year Term - Republican Mark Regan Jr vs. Democrat Renata Bodner.

Englishtown Mayor - Republican Thomas Reynolds.

Englishtown Council - Republican Dan Marter and Gregory Wojyn.

Fair Haven Council - Republicans Jonathan Peters and Jacqueline Rice vs. Democrats Michael 'Mike' McCue and Meghan Chrisner-Keefe.

Farmingdale Mayor - Republican James Daly.

Farmingdale Council - Republicans Michael Romano and George Dyevoich vs. Democrats Margaret Rogers and Adam Reich.

Freehold Boro Mayor - Republican MaryAnn Earle vs. Democrat Kevin Kane.

Freehold Boro Council - Republicans Lori Annetta and Michael Lichardi.

Freehold Township Committee - Republican Maureen Fasano vs. Democrat Scott Berlin.

Hazlet Committee Full Term - Republicans Scott Aagre and Michael Glackin.

Hazlet Committee 1-year Term - Republican Michael Sachs.

Hazlet Committee Full Term - Democrats Ryan O'Steen and Lucille LoSapio.

Holmdel Committee - Republicans Michael Nikolis and Eric Hinds.

Interlaken Mayor - Republican Michael Nohilly.

Interlaken Council - Republicans John Rush Butler and Brendan Watson vs. Democrat Janet Casini.

Keyport Council - Republicans Daniel Fox and Elmer Graham Jr. vs. Democrats Victoria Pacheco and Delia Sosa McDermott.

Little Silver Mayor - Republican Robert Neff Jr.

Little Silver Council - Republicans Donald Galante and Corinne Thygeson.

Lake Como Council - Democrats Douglas Witte and Hawley Scull.

Manalapan Committee - Republicans Mary Ann Musich and Eric Nelson vs. Democrats Kathleen Williams and Amelia Rendeiro.

Manasquan Council - Republican Gregg Olivera vs. Democrat Richard Read.

Manasquan Mayor - Democrat Edward Donovan.

Marlboro Mayor  - Republican Derek DeLuca vs. Democrat Jonathan Hornik.

Marlboro Council At-Large - Republicans Marielaina LaRosa and Marianne Longobardi vs. Democrats Randi Marder and Micahel Scalea.

Matawan Mayor - Republican Linda Clifton vs. Democrat Joseph Altomonte.

Matawan Council - Republicans Anissa Esposito and Zoltan Varsanyi vs. Democrats Brett Michael Cannon and Brian Livesey.

Middletown Committee - Republicans Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibell vs. Democrats Sean Byrnes and Jeana Sager.

Millstone Committee - Republican Albert Ferro.

Neptune City Mayor - Republican Andrew Wardell vs. Democrat Pamela Renee.

Neptune City Council - Republicans Brian Thomas and Danielle Pappas vs. Democrats Michelle Lewis and Meghan Huryk.

Neptune Township Committee - Republicans Kendra Hogan and Gary Moll vs. Democrats Robert Lane Jr. and Carol Rizzo.

Oceanport Mayor - Republican Robert Proto.

Oceanport Council - Republicans Joseph Irace and Stephen Solan.

Red Bank Boro Council - Republicans Allison Gregory and Michael Clancy vs. Democrats Kathleen Horgan and Erik Yngstrom.

Rumson Mayor - Republican Joseph Hemphill.

Rumson Council - Republicans Laura Atwell and James Kingsbery.

Roosevelt Boro Mayor - Democrat Peggy Malkin.

Roosevelt Council Full Term - Democrats Michael Hamilton and Luke Dermody.

Roosevelt Council 2-year Term - Democrat Chad Vroman.

Sea Bright Mayor - Republican Brian Kelly vs. Democrat Jack Sanders.

Sea Bright Council - Republican John Lamia Jr. vs. Democrats Carol Murphy and Samuel Catalano.

Sea Girt Mayor - Republican F. Ken Farrell.

Sea Girt Council - Republicans Michael Meixsell and Melissa Giegerich.

Shrewsbury Boro Council Full Term - Republicans Deidre DerAsadourian and Scott Gilbert vs. Democrats Judith Kramer and David Landy.

Shrewsbury Boro Council 1-year Term - Republican Brendan Gilmartin vs. Democrat Ina Kichen.

Shrewsbury Township Committee - Republican Maryellen McNama-Bailly vs. Democrat Glenwood Puhak.

Spring Lake Council - Republicans Joseph Erbe Jr. and David Frost.

Spring Lake Heights Mayor - Republican Christopher Campion Jr. vs. Democrat Thomas O'Brien.

Spring Lake Heights Council - Republicans William Graetz and Christopher Willms vs. Democrats Michael Milano and Joseph York.

Spring Lake Boro Mayor - Democrat Jennifer Naughton.

Union Beach Mayor - Republican Paul Smith Jr.

Union Beach Council - Republicans Albert Lewandowski and Anthony Cavallo.

Upper Freehold Township Committee - Republicans Stanley Moslowski Jr. and LoriSue Mount.

Wall Committee - Kevin Orender, Thomas Kingman and William "Bill" Mountford.

West Long Branch Council - Republicans MaryLynn Mango and Stephen Bray.

Monmouth County Sheriff - Republican Shaun Golden vs. Democrat Raymond Dothard.

Monmouth County Freeholders - Republicans Tom Arnone and Dominick DiRocco vs. Democrats Michael Penna and Moira Nelson.

Monmouth County Assembly 11th District - Republicans Michael Amoroso and Matthew Woolley vs. Democrats Eric Houghtaling and JoAnn Downey.

Monmouth County Assembly 12th District - Republicans Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton vs. Democrats David Lande and Malini Guha.

Monmouth County Assembly 13th District - Republicans Gerry Scharfenberger and Serena DiMaso vs. Democrats Allison Friedman and Barbara Singer.

Monmouth County Assembly 30th District - Republicans Sean Kean and Edward Thomson vs. Democrats Steven Farkas and Yasin 'Jason' Celik.


Representatives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office will be available to assist voters with questions of fraudulent voting, illegal voting and voter intimidation, announced Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni.

They will also be available to respond to reports of individuals casting a fraudulent vote, or attempting to cast an illegal vote and to address any issues of voter intimidation from any source.

Matters of security at any polling place and any emergency that law enforcement encounters will also be addressed by assistant prosecutors who will be on duty during normal voting hours (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) to respond to these issues.

To report any issues of voter fraud or misconduct call the Monmouth County hotline at 855-786-5878.

The State Office of the Attorney General will be on hand at the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections Office, 300 Halls Mills Road, Freehold, to provide assistance on legal issues arising at the polling places throughout Monmouth County, including but not limited to questions of whether an individual voter has been properly registered, or if an individual is eligible to cast votes for any election within their residential jurisdictions.

The State Office of the Attorney General, which oversees the New Jersey State Division of Elections, deploys Deputy Attorneys General to help determine the eligibility of voters who may have been turned away at their designated polling place.

Judges will be available via video conference call to rule on whether a voter who has been challenged at the local polling place may be allowed to vote.

The Judge, if persuaded by the evidence, may order a provisional ballot to be issued or allow the voter to return and vote on the machine.

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