For the 22nd year our sister station 105.7 The Hawk is going to bat for Ocean of Love, an Ocean County-based group that assists children and their families dealing with cancer.

I would imagine the majority of you are somewhat familiar with this organization which provides financial and emotional support to those who not only have to cope with the reality of cancer striking a child but often the mounting bills and expenses that accompany the horrors of this dreadful disease.

Every October The Hawk goes all-in to raise money and awareness for Ocean of Love and for the 13th time on-air personality Andy Chase is living on top of a 30-foot high scaffold in the Target/Lowe’s parking lot on Hooper Avenue in Toms River.  Andy spends most of his day on a 20 x 7 foot area that does not have many of the comforts of home but he’s been blessed with pretty good weather for the later part of October.

He went up Monday at 5 p.m. and if all goes according to plan he’ll come down Thursday sometime after 8 p.m.  As it’s been for many years the goal is to raise $105,700 and despite many challenges that goal has been met and surpassed on an annual basis with a record $148,000 collected last year.

That’s a big number and certainly a challenge in times of COVID-19 which has prevented Ocean of Love from holding other fundraisers they normally do.

While there will be large donations what makes the billboard such an awesome effort is the many smaller ones.  People come from all over to make a personal contribution with some bringing jars filled with change, often collected by school children and other groups. Two young girls dropped off $200 on Tuesday they had raised with a lemonade stand.

Those heart-felt efforts are what not only inspires Andy but the staff and volunteers for whom dealing with childhood cancer is not a once a year thing but a 24/7 challenge.  Right now they are working with 41 local families who have a child battling cancer and in need of support.

Going into today the total is just over $35,000 and the good news is you have two days make a donation.  If you can’t stop by in person you can donate online at or While Andy deserves to be the focal point of this effort there are many others who deserve praise now and in years past to help raise more than $2 million for a grass-roots organization that deserves our support.

Cancer sucks and childhood cancer sucks even more.  Ocean of Love can’t cure a sick child but they can ease some of the pain in other ways.  Give whatever you can.

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