Over the weekend, my close friends had a devastating house fire in Lakewood.

I can't even imagine what they're going through.  I can't even, the house where you laughed, loved, cried, all those memories while the kids are growing up, all their school pictures and artwork from years past.  All the dinners, holidays, and everything else we call home...gone.  My heart cries for this lovely couple.  Paul and Michelle Kelly are the most caring and loving people and would do anything to help out a neighbor, friend, or a stranger for that matter.  

Love for the Kelly's gofundme page

Paul and Michelle's daughter put together this gofundme page to help her Mom and Dad raise funds as they rebuild their home and as you can imagine, until they can even get back into their home.

Thank goodness my friends are safe, their dogs are safe, the memories will always be there, but it's so heartbreaking. 



Here are some pictures with me and Michelle <3 - They are great people!

Michelle Kelly / Michelle and Sue
Michelle and Abby



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