In these days and times, it is always a nice thing when we can bring you a nice heartwarming story that will hopefully put a smile on your face. Community coming together to help out a United States Veteran and making a "concert dream" come true for him.


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Our Veterans deserve our support and when we can they deserve our assistance. Whether it's important issues like healthcare, shelter, and employment or something simple like a rock concert, helping a Veteran is a blessing we can all try to do at some time in our lives if we are blessed to do so.


Our story involves U.S. Veteran "Glenn" who had a "concert dream" to see a guy we know very well here in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen. Glenn a veteran who lives in Florida wanted to see "the Boss" and several organizations and people got involved to help make this Veteran's dream come true.

Fellow Veteran Frank Luna got the ball rolling when he saw a tweet from BruceFunds trying to raise some money for Glenn — a Veteran in Florida - who wanted to see Springsteen. BruceFunds is an organization that helps offset costs for fans to see Springsteen shows. Frank reached out to some local Jersey Shore veterans & Allies and they raised over $700 in a day, which was more than enough to send Glenn to the show. At the same time Amy Lofgren, E-Street Band Member Nils Lofgren’s wife, a Jersey Girl herself, reached out to BruceFunds to help secure the tickets for Glenn.


Glenn got to go to the show and have a blast, thanks to some support from BruceFunds, Jersey Shore Veterans & the wife of an E-Street Band Member.


What a great story and the community coming together to make a Veterans' "concert dream" come true. I am sure this will be a night Glenn will never forget!

Thank You to all our Veterans for your service and sacrifice for our nation.


Credit: Harry How via Getty Images
Credit: Harry How via Getty Images


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