You had to know that when a list came out with the strangest celebrity purchases there was going to be a New Jersey celebrity on the list, and you're not going to be disappointed. A New Jersey star has made the weird purchase list.

Now, some of these purchases are really way out there on the list. As an example, both Mark Cuban and Kim Basinger have purchased entire towns. Cuban once bought Mustang, Texas and Basinger became the proud owner of Braselton, Georgia.

But that's not the strangest. The great Nicholas Cage made the list three separate times for making purchases of a haunted hotel, the Shah of Iran's Lamborghini, and a dinosaur skull. He's a pretty unique gut.

Celine Dion's weird purchase was more of a business investment/ insurance policy. She bought a huge humidifier for her stage in Vegas to help preserve her voice from the dry heat. The humidifier had a coll $2 million price tag.

And before we get to the strange New Jersey celebrity's purchase, we have to share this. Lady Gaga purchased a ghost detector to kee[p on during her concerts. I guess if they are at your show, you'd want to know about them.

So, what is New Jersey's addition to this list at Cheapism? Well, it comes from the wallet of the great Tom Cruise. When he and Katie Holmes were together, and Holmes was pregnant, he rushed out to get a sonogram machine to monitor the pregnancy at home. This is something experts say is a really bad idea. The report says the couple planned to donate it to a hospital.

In case you were curious, a sonogram machine can go for up to $200,000. Clearly, you have to have a lot of money to even think about making purchases like these. Here are some New Jersey celebs who could afford it...

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