We've been hearing a lot of rumors about what's being built here.

There are a lot of things that are running through my mind - apartments, condos? New houses could be built there, but it's a busy place and usually, cars lined up with traffic lights down each way from it.

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I've heard apartments, a strip mall, and a storage place. Have you heard the same?

Now, I realize the traffic lights going north is at the Santander Bank in Pine Beach and the other light going south is at the Wawa. It's still so sad to see Blackbeard's gone. This area is right next to the abandoned Blackbeard's Cave:

google maps
google maps


So we ask the question now, what do we need in Bayville. I feel we really do need a great, family restaurant. We really need a great place for kids, something fun for the family. I live in Bayville and I know we need fun stuff, good restaurants, and a couple of "big" stores.

So many emails came in about Bayville's needs and tops on the list was Wegman's, Trader Joe's, Home Depot, and Chick-fil-A. All of those would cause more traffic there but I'd agree with any of those in our town. What would you like to see in Bayville?

This cleared area is right next to the brand-new Der Wunder Weiner location. We've been hearing about this new location for a little bit now. Hopefully, soon they will be opening.

I hope with this cleared location we get something good in Bayville.

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