It's a pretty safe bet that we all see people driving like morons every day. Usually we just shake our heads and hope that they get pulled over eventually. Today was different for me.

As I was on my way down the Garden State Parkway, I saw a car in my rearview mirror weaving from lane to lane, trying to get every inch of highway that he could. Passing on the right, passing on the left, cutting other cars off, etc. This guy didn't care.

And then it was my turn.

He was zipping up the middle lane as I was in the left lane. He decided that the traffic wasn't moving quickly enough in his lane and he wanted in on my lane.

There was not nearly enough room between me and the car in front of me for another vehicle to squeeze in at 60mph.

He didn't care.

Without a blinker or any other kind of indication, he zipped right over. Not a gradual merge, but a quick swerve. If I hadn't been paying attention he literally would have run me off the road by slamming right into my front passenger side.

Obviously I hit my brakes (and my horn).

In these situations, of course the worst thing that you can do is to try to get "revenge" and catch up with a crazy driver. But I remembered New Jersey's Aggressive Driver Hotline.

All you have to do is dial #77 on your cell phone, and you'll be connected to the closest police department.

While I'd usually just have a few choice words, this guy was driving so dangerously that I felt compelled to report him.

Of course, whether he was actually caught or not, I'll never know. But I could at least feel a little satisfaction in getting his description out there to the authorities. And I have no doubt that he continued to drive in the same manner well after he'd fled down the highway.

Hopefully car karma exists and this guy will be off the roads soon.

Have you ever reported an aggressive driver? Tell us about it in the comments!