Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

Have you ever eaten "snoballs" in the summertime? If you are wondering what
"snoballs" are, well it's shaved ice and a place I discovered on Long Beach Island really does it right. Pelicans makes shaved ice with a twist! In fact, you can even watch them shave the blocks of ice to make the "snoballs". They have many flavors.

They combine flavored "snow" and gummies to make a fun cold treat. Below are the "Butterfly Kiss", "Gone Fishin", and "Frogger", three of the many themed "snoballs":

Some of the flavors that took me by surprise: Tigersblood, Wallybobo, Pog, Grenade and Dill Pickle! Um...

It was a nice treat on a hot summer day. Pelicans is located on Long Beach Blvd in Surf City.

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