I used to really get excited over Election Day as I found the process of picking our leaders for everything from President of the United States to Borough Council fascinating.

Even in down years when there were not races that impacted me directly I would find myself following the election returns on the Ocean County Clerk’s website late at night before going to sleep.  I may still do that tonight or I may simply catch up on shows that I have not had time to watch because I’ve lost much of my interest in politics because of politicians.

Look.  I still believe in the process and believe we should exercise our right to vote but for a variety of reasons it seems like we are often left simply choosing from the lesser of two evils.  My ego is not big enough to think that I could sway anyone’s vote or even try to do so but I will vote for New Jersey’s next governor today even though I know my choice will not win and never really had a chance.

This campaign highlights all that is wrong with politics in which money and rhetoric prevails over substance and by the way both parties are guilty of that on a regular basis. The two-party system has failed us because even those who mean well often realize that the key to their political future is not what’s best for their constituents but rather following the lead of party bosses and those with deep pockets.

Politics has always been dirty and maybe I’m a bit naïve to think it’s any worse today than 20, 30 or even 50 years ago.  It just seems like campaigns are filled with lies and false accusations along with promises that will never be fulfilled.

Even those with good intentions find themselves fighting against personal attacks that have no basis but seem to get attention from a public that puts little time and effort into making educated choices. For many it’s just get into the booth, close the curtain and get it over with.

It’s a shame that’s what it’s come to but it has.



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