What exactly is going on at the Elizabeth V. Edwards School in Barnegat? The Syfy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" intend to find out tonight.

Stories have swirled around the Edwards School for years. From unusual photos to ghostly "voices" recorded on tape. local officials and paranormal teams have reported strange activity at the 83 year old school for quite some time.

Maintenance workers, township employees, and others are convinced that the activity at the Edwards School is strange enough that they called in the big guns.

Tonight at 9pm on The Syfy Channel, "Ghost Hunters" will air the investigation that they conducted a few months ago, including any findings that they may have come up with at the school.

The Ocean County Paranormal team has also been in touch with officials in Barnegat, and we hope to conduct an investigation of our own, so stay tuned, this isn't the last you'll be hearing of Barnegat's haunted school!

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