Over the last couple of years, the makers of the iconic Oreo sandwich cookies have gotten creative and whimsical with new flavors, but have they gone a little too far this time?

While sweet additions like last spring's kettle corn flavored Oreos and the now-famous Mystery Oreos from this time last year (which I guessed right, thank you very much) are fun, I don't think that spicy is a way that many people want to go with their dessert treats.

But according to ABC 7, that's exactly what they're doing overseas.

In a story posted this past weekend, the New York news channel reported on a pair of new flavors available in China - wasabi and hot chicken wing flavored sandwich cookies.

While they're not on U.S. shelves right now, thanks to modern technology you can get them delivered right to your Ocean County door if you're willing to spend about $24 for a box of cookies.

So, what do you think? Would you chow down on wasabi and hot wing flavored Oreos? Join the conversation and let us know!


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