This past weekend I was driving from Brick to Toms River on Brick Blvd and Hooper Ave when a scary scene unfolded in front of me...

A car coming from OCC turned right on red, onto Hooper Ave, and caused the vehicle that was in the right lane to slam on their brakes and swerve. A white SUV in front of me in the left lane made a very late swerve, overcompensated, almost hit the barrier in the middle of the road, slowed way down for a long time, and even wandered into the right lane again after a good 1/4 mile.

I decided it was time to get away from that car, so I passed it. When I looked in my rear view mirror, a saw a young girl who was glancing down the whole time (with a passenger in the car, too).

I could only assume that she was texting.

Not only was it bad enough that she was doing it at all, but obviously the near-accident(s) that had just happened, didn't stop her from texting. I guess the conversation just couldn't wait.

I've said it before - it absolutely blows my mind how often I see this. And it's not just teens. I've seen plenty of adults texting and driving too.

Going 35mph on a local road or going 75mph on the Parkway, it's a scary trend, and I'm shocked that people still do it.

Well, it's about to get a lot more expensive to be caught. Fines will be going up to between $200 - $600. You could also lose your license for 90 days, and possibly get those oh so expensive points on your license.

But, worse than any of those - you could be killed or kill someone else.

This isn't a joke. A friend of a friend lost her life because of texting while driving. There is nothing that anyone could possibly have to say to someone over text that can't at least wait to pull over to safely send the message.

Do you see drivers texting often?

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