Regardless of who you vote for today is a great day because it means the end of those endless TV and radio commercials that have pushed some of us to the edge.

They are awful and most of us can’t separate fact from fiction except that we now have come to accept that they are filled with lies and innuendos. How do candidates expect us to have any confidence in their ability to govern and lead when they can’t even be honest in a 30 second commercial?

By the way just so you know the FCC requires TV and radio stations like ours to air political commercials for legally qualified candidates for federal office which is why you have seen and heard so much of Hugin, Menendez, Kim and MacArthur.

In addition we have to offer them the lowest advertising rates for the 60 days leading up to Election Day which is why many of them purchase so many commercials. But again the good news is after today we get a long-needed break from these often hate-filled diatribes.

Regardless of the outcome of today’s elections the real loser is going to be us because we will have elected people who spent most of this campaign season taking the low road. Sure there was some talk of the real issues but most of the time and attention was spent on attacking opponents.

Some of those character attacks might be deserved but again how do we know what is true and what is fabricated for effect and impact? The answer is we really don’t know and even if you tried to do your homework you probably came away shaking your head in frustration.

I’m fascinated by politics, local, state and national and you can be sure I will stay up tonight to watch the results because of the ramifications it will have on the Congress and Senate and yes the President.

As for who I’m voting for, well that’s something I usually only share with family and friends. I do believe strongly in voting for the person and not the party and hope my choices if elected will indeed do what’s best for the district and state they represent.

However I know and you know that’s probably not the case which is why we’re in this mess to begin with.

Happy Election Day. May the vote be with you.

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