As we get older most of us tend to ignore birthdays because it’s a reminder that we are getting older. I say most of us because some look forward to their birthday each year like it’s a national holiday which should be celebrated. We all know a few of them.

Growing up birthdays were a big thing for the milestones they meant. You get your driver’s license at 17 and can legally drink in a bar at 21.

Those were grand occasions and you could make an argument it’s all downhill from there.  However we do pay special attention to round numbers like 30, 40, 50 and in this case 60.

Today, Friday the 13th is the 60th birthday of Jane Williams and I’m glad she does not suffer from triskaidekaphobia.  My wife is not one to make a big deal at all over her birthday and made it very clear that there would be no party of any kind to celebrate this milestone.  I turned 60 last year and she threw me a great party which I thoroughly enjoyed and even on that day made her feelings known about her 60th.

I don’t want you to think we’re ignoring Jane’s big day. We actually had family plans to spend the weekend in Washington D.C. which had to be postponed.  However we will spend time together today and our children are coming down for the weekend so we can all celebrate together.

When you get to birthdays that might depress you a bit, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc. you are often told by others “it’s just a number which doesn’t mean anything.”  Truth is it means a lot when you reflect back on how fast the years have flown by.  However my wife and the mother of my children should not dread 60 but embrace it because she looks and feels great, leads a very active lifestyle and no matter what will always be younger than me.

Happy Birthday Baby!


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