The local-road speed limit in New Jersey is 25 miles per hour, though you often wouldn't know it if you clock cars on small streets almost anywhere in the state. In Freehold Borough, police will help harried neighbors reduce the hazard.

Traffic Study (Freehold Borough PD)
Traffic Study (Freehold Borough PD)

Officers are now offering on-demand traffic studies. They log average vehicle speeds, traffic volume ebb-and-flow, and days and times during which speeding occurs most often.

License points for speeding on Jersey Roads accrue exponentially, depending on how fast you're moving. Drivers can expect two points for exceeding the limit up to 14 miles per hour, four points for clipping along 15-29 miles per hour over the limit, and five points at 30 miles per hour or more in excess.

Six or more points within three years means you're paying a surcharge. Twelve points on your record, and you're saying goodbye to the driving privilege for a while during suspension.

Your insurance company won't be to happy, either, and that will be reflected in your premiums. A good start is to undergo a defensive-driving course, which is often an eye-opener for motorists who haven't brushed up on the laws in a while.

To schedule your street in Freehold Borough for a traffic study, contact Sergeant Eduardo Santana,  732-462-1233, extension 175.

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