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Bradley Cooper arrives at the 'American Sniper' New York Premiere at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Bradley Cooper arrives at the 'American Sniper' New York Premiere at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center (Rob Kim/Getty Images)

If you like to go to the movies than both American Sniper and Selma are must-sees because they are obviously based on true stories and are both very well done.  Bradley Cooper is brilliant in American Sniper which does an amazing job in portraying how difficult war is for the solider and their family back home.  What was interesting to me was the silence in the theater when the movie ended as it leaves an impression with everyone. Selma is an important movie for those too young to remember the civil rights movement of the 60’s and I thought the story was told very well.  It’s hard to imagine that it was only 50 years ago such hatred existed in the south and it does seem ironic that here we are today still divided in so many cases by the color of our skin and not the content of our character.

  • The news late last week that the NCAA was restoring the wins taken away from legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was appropriate and positive but nothing to celebrate.  The child sex abuse scandal has left scars that will never fully heal although we can only hope that lessons learned will help prevent repeats in the future.  What is disappointing is so many who were guilty of a rush to judgment refuse to admit that they might have been wrong. 
  • It’s disappointing that Southern, CBA and Point Beach have chosen not to participate in the Shore Conference Wrestling Tournament which at one time was a truly special event.   As good as wrestling is around here, to be a Shore Conference champion is a goal worth striving for.
Toms River South’s Tymere Berry
Toms River South’s Tymere Berry (Cliff Lavelle)

Toms River South’s Tymere Berry is a very special athlete who shines on the football field and basketball court.  He is without question one of the top two-sport athletes in the shore and a young man who loves to compete.  I love the way he carries himself and his infectious smile makes him easy to root for; that is unless you’re trying to stop him on the court or field.

  • I still can’t believe the Seahawks pulled that game out on Sunday.  Maybe the Packers should have deflated the footballs they used…it obviously worked for the Patriots.

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