Berkeley Township officials have presented a $200,000 grant to Northern Ocean Habitat for Humanity (NOHFH) to help build affordable housing in the Manitou Park area.

Credit: iStock

NOHFH President Dave Applegate says they had no idea the money was coming, but it will definitely be appreciated. He says it took a lot of work from a lot of people.

"I think a lot of this came through dialogue and timing and relationships," Applegate said. "Certainly Mayor <Carmen> Amato stepped up and saw a need and an opportunity within the township."

Applegate says it worked out well because the township currently has several lots that would have remained empty if not for the new construction. NOHFH plans to construct new homes on those properties, but that's not all.

"Habitat has targeted Manitou Park specifically for what we call neighborhood revitalization," Applegate said. "We're not only targeting to build new homes, which is what we expect the bulk of this money, if not all of it, to go for, but also through what we call our ABWK program, A Brush with Kindness."

The Brush with Kindness program helps repair and rehabilitate properties for homeowners who otherwise could not afford to do the work themselves.

NOHFH is always looking for qualified applicants and volunteers. To learn more about their ongoing mission, click here.