Nothing worse than driving along and hitting a terrible pothole, it shakes your vehicle and makes your front end feel like it's gonna fall off. I seem to find potholes! Especially after I get a front-end alignment and a tire rotation, as soon as I get out of the garage boom! I hit a pothole!


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I think many people here in New Jersey feel we could use some love for our roads,  but where do we stack up nationally with "potholes" here in America? In a new survey, it appears we have a reason for concern because we rank in the TOP 10 worst states in America for pothole damage. In a recent Patch article, they cited a recent survey. "According to AAA, drivers pay an average of $600 every time they have to take their cars into the shop for a pothole repair. And, QuoteWizard's study shows that New Jersey is the ninth-worst state in the country for potholes."


"QuoteWizard came to these determinations by analyzing search data for pothole repairs and pothole-related complaints in the state so far in 2023. They combined them into a search index average for both states and individual cities." So let's see how the Garden State ranks in the TOP 10 worst roadways in America:




StateRankSearch index average
New Jersey924
South Dakota1024 Tom Chrostek Tom Chrostek


So what do you think? Do we have a "pothole" problem in New Jersey? Here is what you had to say. We asked where are the worst roads in Jersey?

Scott: Atlantic City

Ed: Lakewood

Maurice: Route 9

Christian: Everywhere lately it seems

Elaine: Toms River

Carole: Jersey City

Scott: All the back streets that the local public works departments never patch up

Slade: The whole state sucks

William: Lakewood, Trenton a close second

These are just a few of your comments, if you have more on this issue post your comments below in the "comments section". Petr Magera Petr Magera


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