A good Samaritan's harrowing actions save the life of a baby and his mother who leapt from the second floor of a residence on fire in Lakewood Township January 5 around 6:30 pm.

Police say the 28-year old tossed her infant child from their Woodlake Manor Townhouse and yelled "catch my baby" after alerting a nearby neighbor.

Rey Carpinteyro, 33, had just exited his car and bolted over to make the catch.

The mom then jumped and Rey ran back to break her fall and save her after putting the child in the care of a neighbor.

The fire was quickly extinguished.

Both mom, who suffered some scrapes and bruises to her legs, and baby are doing okay today.

They were transported to a local hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Lakewood Police Department, Ocean County Prosecutors Office, Ocean County Fire Marshal's Office, along with the assistance of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department CSI Unit.

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