Go outside of New Jersey and most people will give you a funny look when you declare your love of pork roll. Every region has their specialties that are hard to get outside of their general area. I've had the fortune of living in a number of different areas. Here are some that I've encountered in my travels.

  • Cheese Curds

    I love cheese curds. The name alone can sometimes make the uninitiated cringe (just ask Joanne Cruise), but they're delicious. They're basically little nuggets of love in cheese form. Seriously, if you like cheese, there is nothing not to love about cheese curds. But if you're outside of the Midwest, good luck finding them.

    Flickr user k.steudel
  • Scrapple

    Scrapple's reach extends from about the edge of Philadelphia to Amish Country in Central PA. Scrapple scares me. It's a pork product that most describe as "everything but the oink". Enough said.

    Flickr user mandydale
  • New Haven Pizza

    It seems like pizza is one of those things that's different everywhere you go. Chicago has deep dish. Here in Jersey we have the huge, greasy boardwalk slices, and Connecticut has the thin, crispy as a cracker New Haven style pizza. To qualify if has to be somewhat charred on the bottom and the cheese has to be roof of your mouth singing napalm-hot. Ask a CT resident which is better, Pepe's or Sally's, and you may start a riot.

    Flickr user pixonomy