Are you ready to get scared? 

This year we've been scared for another reason, Covid-19, but this kind of scare is the "fun" kind of scare, getting ready for Halloween in Lacey Township.

The "FREE" attraction is once again helping the Lacey Food Bank.

This year "Dee Road Cemetery" will have new animatronics and more of those scary clowns, according to the

Lacey resident Don Bucci has been doing this for years. This year they will have a full-sized mausoleum complete with smoke and lights. This sounds like it will be really good and creepy. The address for the "FREE" creepy cemetery walk-through is 1560 Dee Road, Forked River in Lacey Township.

"Dee Road Cemetery" opened last weekend and is open from 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm every night through Halloween, weather permitting.

It is "FREE" to walk the cemetery but please bring a can of food and help out the Lacey Food Bank. There will be a "Food Fright" night where live actors - zombies, monster's, and other scary creatures will take over. The date for "Food Fright" is October 24th, 2020, starting at 7 pm - 10 pm. Bucci says, "We're asking people to donate canned goods or food that night." Was he ever concerned he would not have the haunted Halloween attraction this year? "We never really had a fear that we weren't going to do it. It never really came up," he said. "From the start, we said unless somebody is adamant that we can't do it or legally we can't do it for some reason, we were gung-ho."

Sue Moll
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