Items up for bid to benefit the "Team Colette" You Caring page
Items up for bid to benefit the "Team Colette" You Caring page (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

The death by suicide of former star football player Aaron Hernandez appears to be a tragic ending to what’s been a tragic story.

The ex-Patriots standout was found hanged in his prison cell where he was serving a life sentence for murder and reaction was varied with many taking to social media to offer their opinions.

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While clearly Hernandez was a bad guy who did bad things I don’t know how anyone can express joy over his death which many did.  Maybe that’s the problem with everything today. We just don’t value life like we should.

Fox News has said goodbye to its best-known political commentator as Bill O’Reilly is out after the disclosure of settlements involving sexual harassment claims against him.  Reports indicate that the network and talk show host had paid some $13 million to five women and once word got out it resulted in a backlash from advertisers, women’s rights groups and those who worked for Fox.

The 67-year old O’Reilly claims the allegations are not true.  It will be interesting to see if someone tries to hire him in the wake of all of this as he does produce ratings.

A follow-up to a story I did yesterday on Colette Gruber of Beachwood, a 41-year old single mother of five children battling cancer. Fundraising efforts are underway through to help her get treatment while providing for her family at the same time.

Peter Grandich of Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Management Company is donating a long list of sports memorabilia to be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to help the fundraising efforts.

Grandich is an incredibly generous person and the items he is offering can be found on my Facebook page so please take a look as there is a wide variety.  Thank you Peter for putting others first as you always seem to do.





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