Something has caught my attention recently during my commutes both to and from work on the Garden State Parkway.

I'm used to seeing New Jersey State Troopers every now and then, but for the last two weeks or so I've seen them every day in both the morning and evening.

Is a targeted enforcement operation going on along the Garden State Parkway?

If so, good!

I've never shied away from my criticisms of Parkway drivers, and now that the summer season is here, the annual influx of both in-state and out of state drivers is definitely in full effect.

Maybe it's me becoming a grumpy old man, but I feel like these days drivers aren't only driving faster than ever, but are also driving more recklessly than ever.

I'm talking about tailgating, texting, and just being more aggressive overall.

And again, the speed sometimes surprises me. And I'm someone who will admit that I tend to go a few miles over the speed limit at times. But there are times that people pass me like I'm going backwards.

So if the State Police are targeting the southern Monmouth and northern Ocean County stretches of the Parkway, good, we need it!


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