Since the pandemic, Downtown Toms River has taken all the fun to the streets on the weekends. Well, once again all the fun begins Saturday, April 29th, with Country Line Dancing in the Streets.

Washington Street is closed down and the whole community comes out for some awesome food, laughs, drinks, making memories, and meeting new friends.

Welcome to Downtown Toms River
Welcome to Downtown Toms River, Jersey Shore, Local

Saturday, April 29th, Washington Street will be closed down to kick-off the unofficial start of the Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District - Downtown Night Out in Toms River.

It's so much fun the Downtown Night Out, check out the Downtown Toms River Facebook page:

Starting on Saturday, April 29th the fun Downtown starts. I know a lot of listeners that line dance and absolutely love it, this is for you. Come out for some fun and show off your dancing skills.

Join our sister station Cat Country Jersey Shore for all of the fun. Fancy Feet Line Dancing begins at 5 pm - 9 pm. Catch some line dancing lessons while you're there.

There's always great food and drink thanks to Battle River Brewing, Garden State Distillery, Capones, and more.

Downtown Night Out officially kicks off Friday, May 5th, 2023 and runs through the end of October. Every Friday and Saturday night, Washington Street turns up the fun. Bring the family, it's fun for all.

For more information about Country Line Dancing on Saturday, April 29th and the kick-off to Downtown Night Out events, click here.

When the pandemic started, Downtown Toms River had the fabulous idea to bring everyone out for a couple of fun nights, outside with neighbors, friends, and the community when we really needed it. And it continues, Downtown Night Out was born and I really enjoy it.

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