Nobody has asked my opinion but if they did I would tell them:

I’m starting to wonder if China is a bigger threat to us than Russia.  Of course you also have North Korea which makes all three of these countries clear enemies of the U.S.  By the way if we flew a 200-foot balloon over China how long do you think it would have taken for them to shoot it down?  The over/under is one minute.

There are so many roads in Ocean County that need attention I couldn’t even tell you where to start.  Driving around here these days is often an adventure and I would suggest you don’t try to drink coffee unless you want to risk a spill or two.

If you like to try restaurants that are a bit off the beaten track give Rosie’s in Ocean Gate a shot.  Some might remember when it was the Ocean Gate House years back and it’s on Monmouth Avenue only a couple of blocks from the river.  I especially recommend trying their daily happy hour from 3-5pm.

The Shore Conference Basketball Tournament got underway Tuesday night with clear favorites.  Manasquan and St. Rose are the teams to beat on the boys side and when it comes to the girls it’s St. John Vianney versus everyone else. Nice to see the finals are back at Monmouth University on Sunday, February 19.

I remember when All-Star games in the major pro sports were something fans looked forward to.  Now I rarely watch more than a few minutes of any of them and the NFL’s new Pro Bowl format was an absolute joke.

While this season is not quite as good I still like the Showtime drama Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston which is in its second season.  Well worth your time if you’re looking to binge something.

A Spy Balloon Flying Over New Jersey Would Definitely See These 10 Things

The footage would be entertaining, to say the least.

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