This is Mark and Traci Rosenburg. They are Freehold residents and survivors of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night. 

Mark told The Asbury Park Press that he keeps hearing the sounds of gunshots replay in his head every ten seconds. He added he also questions if there was more that he could have done on the ground.

Mark Rosenburg's wife, Traci, had enjoyed the music fest two years ago and was looking forward to taking in a night of music and fun with her husband and two friends.

This was nothing short of a massacre of innocent people having fun.

The Rosenburg's were staying at Mandalay Bay, just six floors below where the shooter opened fire on a concert crowd of over 20,000 people.

Rosenburg said that the initial gunfire sounded like firecrackers going off. When the shooter started the second round, Rosenburg tells APP that "people started dropping like flies." It was then that he and his wife ducked and started running.

At one point Mark covered his wife on the ground to protect her from the gunshots. When there was a break in the gunfire, the couple began to move again, but not before encountering people who weren't as lucky as them.

So Traci and I carried this woman, who was in shock, to a police car, and as we were carrying her, some guy came up who was shot in the shoulder. So we have this woman in one arm, I have this other guy whose shoulder was shot, in the other arm, and we're carrying them to a police car.

Rosenburg said he was soaked with the other victim's blood and still wondered what more he could have done.

I for one am grateful that Mark and Traci Rosenburg, two of our own, survived this horrific tragedy and thank them for sharing their story. I wish them peace as they heal mentally and physically from this massacre. Mark and Traci, if you read this, please know you are not only survivors, you're heroes. If you hadn't of risked your lives to aid those fellow concert goers that were injured, they most likely wouldn't have had a chance to survive. You don't need to ask yourselves what more you could have done. I think I can speak for our community that we are all proud of you and glad you're safe at home.

Please read Suzanne Russell's amazing article from APP, here.

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