April isn't even over yet and Monmouth County Freeholders are seeing a significant response to a month long food collection drive.

County officials say two tons of food has been collected so far as part of the Food For Fines program taking place through out the County Library System.

The libraries have been waving late fees in exchange for a nonperishable food item during the month of April. Three dollars is being waved for each item.

Freeholder Director John Curley says the additional Bins placed at County Government buildings have allowed County workers to participate. "Freeholder DiMaso and I are very very enthused of the work that county employees are doing to provide a food supply to what we believe will be the Largest food Drive that Monmouth County Government has ever done."

Freeholder Serena DiMaso says she's hearing that people are excited about the "Food For Fines" program. "We've already had pick ups that we didn't expect to have and when we've had this in the past they didn't have to pick up so quickly. So it's really taken off, the program. It's a great opportunity to help our neighbor and save a couple of dollars."

County officials say almost 4,100 pounds of donations have been added into the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in Neptune and there's nearly two weeks to go.

The collection is part of Monmouth County's commemoration of National County Government Month.