I took a road trip this week to visit my niece at college.  As a freshman, she proudly showed me around her new home during Family Weekend.  Her parents and I enjoyed seeing the campus and learning about some of the programs and activities available to students.  One display that caught my eye was that of the campus radio station.  I stopped to chat with the team selling tee shirts and giving out bumper stickers.  When I told them I am a professional DJ who got her start on college radio, they encouraged me to go to the studio where the student jock asked to interview me on the air.  I was happy to accommodate his request.  During our brief chat, I told him that college radio is a great training ground.  I said how my experience on campus solidified my plan to pursue a career in broadcasting.  We chuckled about the mistakes we all make as beginners and how DJing as students can help prepare us for working in the real world.  I wished him good luck and hope that my visit inspired him in some way.

Did you get experience in college, either on campus or through an internship, that guided you towards your current job?  Please share in the comments section below.

By the way, this photo is me as a newbie, reading the news in the 1980s.



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