Random notes and thoughts on a morning that is a stark reminder that winter is here…at least unofficially as the first official day is December 21st.

Either way it’s clearly time for ice scrapers and snow shovels, two items you would like to avoid for as long as possible.

Anyway a bunch of things to talk about today:

  • There are people who are born with nothing and make something out of themselves. Then there are those like Prince Andrew who just happens to have hit the lottery by being born out of royalty and if not for that likely would have accomplished nothing with their lives.
  • The Giants play their final game on December 29 and if not that evening then the next morning they should announce the firing of Pat Shurmur as head coach. I have no idea as to who should replace him.
  • I know most critics have raved about it but I was somewhat disappointed with “The Irishman” which I watched on Netflix over the weekend. Don’t get me wrong it was good but I don’t know that it was great and at 3 ½ hours it was a bit too long.  I thought Joe Pesci was brilliant and any movie that includes De Niro & Pacino can’t be bad but maybe I set the bar too high.  Plus I did have a couple of glasses of wine which made staying awake difficult at times.
  • I don’t care that they're young and inexperienced the New York Knicks are bad and this will be another season in which I don’t waste my money to buy overpriced tickets at the Garden for an inferior product.
  • For all of my years I have sworn that I would never, ever buy an artificial Christmas tree. We went real again this holiday but are seriously considering joining the fake world in the near future. Like next year.
  • There are 16 teams left in the NCAA Division 1 Football Championships and Monmouth University is one of them. Who says there’s not really good college football in New Jersey?  You just have to look south of the Raritan River.

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