Here's some ideas to make your St. Patrick's Day a little more fun 

  •  Cook an Irish Dinner.  Cook up a stereotypical Irish feast of corned beef and cabbage or Shepherd's Pie.  And finish it off with an Irish coffee or Guinness Cupcakes.
  • Go on a Pub Crawl.  Sure, it's cliché, but who cares . . . alcohol!  The trick is to find at least one REAL Irish pub . . . hopefully with some live Irish folk music . . . To add to the "Flavor" of the Day!
  • Watch an Irish-themed Movie.  Watch a movie with an Irish theme . . . but go with something less obvious, like "The Departed" or "P.S., I Love You" ... Maybe dye the popcorn green :)
  • Make Your Own Drinks.  You can make green beer yourself by adding blue food coloring to a light beer.  Yes, blue.  Or try an Emerald Isle, which is a green martini . . . or an Irish Cactus, which combines tequila and Baileys. 
  •  Play the "Four Leaf Clover Game".  If you're looking to get "lucky", try the "Four Leaf Clover Game".  Basically, you just buy some big four leaf clovers at a party store and write "activities" on the back of them..... Then take turns picking a clover and doing the activity written on it.
  • Here's a great resource for "Irish recipes"