Do you need health insurance or will you and you want to make the price you're paying is what your budget allows? A recently published national website helps you find the answers.

Home care nurse and patient. (mandygodbehear, ThinkStock)

Fair Health Founding president Robin Gelburd, says displays healthcare costs to help you weigh your insurance options.

"They can go to the site to see what the value of having insurance is because we compare for them what their out of pocket costs would be with insurance and without insurance," said Gelburd.

She says if you do have insurance and want to stay in-network but have a high deductible health plan, they cover that for you as well.

"For those in-network costs, you can come to the site and get estimates of what you would really have to pay," said Gelburd.

Gelburd, says if you have insurance and want to go out of network to be able to see a doctor of your choice or get treated by a specialty doctor not on your current plan, options are out there to where you can find plans best suited for you.

The site also gives you the info you need to properly evaluate all of your options, even for where you have medical treatments or surgeries.

"One provider versus another or one venue for care versus another, for example, an amatory surgery center facility versus an outpatient facility," said Gelburd.

She says they're a national independent organization that has the, "largest collection of private health care claims in the country."

"We get data from over 60-different insurers that represents the experience of 115,000,000 insured individuals," said Gelburd.

The road to a good choice can be confusing so they're just looking to give you the map to find what works most for you and your family.

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