We are excited about the new Jackson Skating Center, United Skates of America, the only roller skating place in Ocean County.

A flood of sadness rushed through Ocean County when we saw this update on the Jackson Skating Center's Facebook.

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Jackson Skating Center has brought decades of skating fun to Ocean County residents and beyond. After opening in 1978, they've had so many great years. I have so many wonderful memories.

Xavier Gallego, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Xavier Gallego, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

How could this be? I had Abby's 10th and 11th birthday parties at the skating center, that's how much she loved it. And, let's just say the pizza was delicious. I don't know what they did to make the pizza so good, but it always was.

I remember the first time I took Abby there, she absolutely loved it. She was 4. The price was great the skate rental was so reasonable. It's a place where we've laughed, met with friends, had birthday parties, and just had fun.

But then we heard the great news, it wasn't shutting down, the roller skating would continue in Ocean County, just under new ownership.

From the new owner's webpage: United Skates of America is coming to Jackson! Your beloved Jackson Skating Center, Rollermagic is getting a whole new look! We will be keeping all your favorite staff and management and are thrilled to become part of your community. Check this out, it looks pretty cool:


Yes, I have my skates ready.

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