We are always looking for fantastic fun for the whole family, especially during summer when we are outdoors and many have vacation time to enjoy with their loved ones. So we found this hidden gem you may not have known about.


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It's officially summer and soon kids will be out of school, if not already, and you will be using those vacation days to get away and enjoy the beautiful weather. So where to go? and where are good places for all ages?

How about a place you won't need to fly to save money, to get away right here in the Garden State. This spot we found is located in beautiful Warren County New Jersey and has been around since 1954.





Unsplash.com Patricia Prudente
Unsplash.com Patricia Prudente



It's the "Land of Make Believe" and it's located in Hope, New Jersey. It's been around for almost 70 years, but have you and your family ever visited the 'Land of Make Believe"?

The park has all kinds of attractions for all ages. According to Wikipedia attractions "like a junior-sized roller coaster, a Tilt-A-Whirl, Drop & Twist, Tornado, and Scream Machine 360 ultimate upside down thrill ride as well as more specialized attractions like a hay ride and a petting zoo." It's also pointed out that the park is home to "the Pirate's Wading Pool, largest in America with life size Pirate Ship and the Pirates Escape & Pirates revenge dual racing slides."

The Land of Make Believe features family fun attractions like a Ferris wheel named the Wishing Wheel. The Grand Carousel (Features horse, carriage, teacup, and dragon-shaped seats), Magic Dragon with dragon-shaped carts that can be raised into the air by the riders, Plus many many more.

The park's official mascot is Captain Rickey, He is a bear who wears a pilot's uniform.

So next time you are looking for a fun day for all ages, why not take a trip to the Land of Make Believe.


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