I used to run competitively in High School and College and enjoyed it very much. During those years I put in a ton of miles and ran with some very talented guys and gals. There was always one problem that I had and that was flexibility.

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Throughout my running career, I always had problems with flexibility. I had trouble stretching and recovering sometimes following a real tough race. Stretching is such a part of running and I always was behind the curve on this.

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So after looking back to when I was very athletic to now, I still have problems with my flexibility. I am running a little bit again and once again stretching and flexibility is a problem. Stretching and flexibility are such a huge part of your overall well-being and as we get older it becomes even more important for muscle strength and circulation.


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There is a fantastic new business that has opened here in Ocean County and it's the "Stretch Zone" and as their name suggests they help YOU stretch and improve flexibility. I need this! I need to check out how they can help me improve my health.

I would really like to see how it feels after having a professional help me thoroughly stretch. To have my body at its best with flexibility...I'm sure this would be a fantastic feeling. Are YOU like me and have a hard time stretching and being at your most flexible? Maybe we need a "Stretch Zone" and this new business has opened in Barnegat Township.


Here are some additional health tips below ....

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