If Netflix Studios comes to the Jersey Shore, we'd love to see these actors around.

Last week, I told you that Netflix is getting closer to winning the bid for Fort Monmouth studios.  As of right now, they are currently the highest bidders, but there is still no update on whether or not the bid has been approved.  As a refresher, they're bidding against real estate and architectural development companies.

I personally can't wait anymore!  Bringing a film studio to New Jersey would be one of the coolest things to hit the state.  It'd bring plenty of much needed jobs here.  Plus cool opportunities for background work, and other things in the film industry.

We'd see so many famous actors in town.  It'd be a great opportunity to show off some of The Garden State's homegrown talent.  Did you know several New Jersey actors have actually starred on Netflix shows?

I'm a huge fan of most of these actors, and have binged most of their Netflix shows.    To me, it would be a no brainer to have these Netflix shows film here in New Jersey if the deal goes through.  Even if some of them would have to be reboots.

While we're still waiting on pins and needles to find out the conclusion of Netflix's bid on Fort Monmouth, let's have some fun and discuss 10 famous actors from New Jersey we'd love to run into if Netflix studios ends up coming to the Jersey Shore.

Did your favorite actors make the cut?

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