You may have heard about the "Girls Night" parties that bring some of us radio pals together.  Knowing that it's been a rough year for some of us, with loss of loved ones and various health issues, I helped plan a party for Saturday night.  And then I got a dizzy spell which made me stay home.  I was totally bummed.

We were overdue for a get-together.  I really wanted to have some fun with these awesome ladies.  But my body had another plan so I stayed on my couch.  BUT, thankfully, they were open to the idea of doing a video chat so at least I could share some of the evening with them.  We spent 40 minutes together.  I could see them and they could see me.  We even did our traditional gift exchange via video!

I was so grateful to have been able to see my pals and share some laughs, even though I wasn't actually in the same room as them.  Facetime saved the day!  With wifi, and enough battery power in your phone, you can have a video chat with someone, no matter where they are.

Just last week I had a great video chat with my friend in Scotland.  We used the WhatsApp app for that video call.

Skype and Zoom are also great tools to help you virtually connect to people.

Do you utilize video chatting?  Which apps do you like?  And who do you use video with?

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