Remember those old phone company jingles encouraging us to “reach out and touch someone?”  It was always a splurge to call my aunt in California.  Likewise, when she would call us “long distance” we knew it was costing, and always tried to make the most of our limited time on the phone.

As I was reflecting on all the ways Mom’s were being contacted over the weekend, I started to wonder HOW they were being contacted.  Most cell phone plans offer unlimited calling anywhere in the USA.  SKYPE makes it super easy to have a video chat either for free or just pennies.  iPhone users also get to see who they’re talking to thanks to FaceTime.

I know the Millennials use texting as their preferred means of communication.  Is that how some Ocean County Mom’s got their Mother’s Day greetings?

These days it seems Facebook birthday and holiday greetings are replacing cards sent in the mail.  Things are definitely changing!

How do you use technology to connect with your family these days?  Do you have video chats when you can’t be together in person?  Do you regularly send photos over the internet?  Do you text quick messages to say you’re thinking about the person?