I know I’ve addressed this in the past but let’s face it…who remembers? The subject is Facebook etiquette which I continue to be confused by on almost a daily basis when it comes to the following:

Friend requests- I have 3,603 of them, many whom I would not know if I knocked them over and I’m sure many who really don’t consider me a friend. I am very sensitive to requests for several reasons.  When I receive one I first consider if it indeed is someone I know who I want to be friends with…that’s easy.  The hard ones are those from people who you really only know through someone else and often I look to see how many mutual friends we have.  If it’s a significant number like more than 20 I will often accept the request but what do you do when it’s only a handful…like between 3-10.  If I delete the request will that person be offended and feel like I have blown them off?  Is there a number I should use as a guide for whether I accept or delete?  I’m really confused over this.

Birthdays- So every day you get a list of your Facebook “friends” who are celebrating birthdays along with a forum to send them wishes.  I will be honest many of these friends are those I barely know so am I obligated to wish them a “Happy Birthday” or not?  What I most often do is simply provide a quick wish and move on while those I know better my get something like “A very happy birthday to you my friend.”  Sometimes the connection between me and them is one in which we never communicate via Facebook ever so why do I feel compelled to offer them birthday wishes.

Again I’m confused.

By the way if we are real friends and I did not wish you a “Happy Birthday” it’s likely one of those in which I missed everyone on that day which I do quite often.  So if I missed your special day please accept my long overdue belated wishes for a happy birthday…hope it was a good one.

Likes & Comments- I’ll save that for another day.

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