I've wondered many times what lies down the mysterious paths that snake through the Pine Barrens. Beyond the roadways that cut through the state, the Pinelands have inspired plenty of tales and urban legends, but sometimes the truth is just as mysterious as the legends.

Videographer Phil Domitrowsky brought his Phantom 3 quadcopter drone deep into the Ocean County pines to the former site of the Brooksbeae Brick Factory, an early 20th century business that ended almost as quickly as it began when it fell to a fire in the early 1900s.

Take a look at Phil's video as he expertly weaves through the colorfully graffiti covered and crumbling foundation of the factory that never was to be:

Our thanks to Phil for sharing his video, and a nod from me personally for his carefully and professionally flown shots! You can check out more of Phil's work by clicking here.


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