Here at the edge of the Pinelands in Ocean County, some believe that we're near the home of the legendary Jersey Devil. It's a story that's been passed down for generations. But, with everyone carrying cameras with them wherever they go now, do we finally have photographic proof?

The story picks up when a Little Egg Harbor man was driving home from work through the heart of the Pine Barrens on Route 9 in Galloway Township.

He told that he saw what he thought was a llama running alongside the road, which was weird enough, but it got even more weird when he claims that the creature took to the skies.

And then he snapped this photo:



A News 12 New Jersey viewer sent us a photo that has us scratching our heads. It shows some type of winged animal, possibly with horns.The viewer believes it was the Jersey Devil. What do you think?

Posted by News 12 New Jersey on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


So, what do you think? Proof that the Jersey Devil exists, or a pre-Halloween hoax? Comment below and let us know if you're convinced!

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