Warning...the following story may turn your stomach.   

As I made my rounds through  the office today, I stepped into our Creative Department to say hello to my friend Kim.  She seemed a little freaked and definitely not herself.  Whats wrong Kim?

I just found a bug at least I think it's a bug, in my cereal!

To which I replied enthusiastically...Ooooh, Let Me See....!

Kim picked up the trash can, very carefully, as if it were filled with dynamite, and lo and behold, there it was.  We stared at the long ugly creature...for about 3 seconds... that was enough...and together, in unison, as only 2 girls can do, screamed....


What is it about bugs that can turn two grown women into screaming little girls?  And this bug was dead!

I tried to comfort my friend, telling her hey,  at least you didn't eat him, and besides some some people actually do just that.  

Ewwwwww....there we go again. 

We took one last look...he was covered in maple syrup...and Kim said, "are you sure it's a bug"? It doesn't have any legs...

And then, suddenly, I was 5 again...and in my most mischievous and slightly evil little girl voice I replied....that's because you ate his legs!


I love my job!