The "last great race" began this week in Alaska, the Iditarod dog sled race. The race is much h different this year because of the CVID 19 Pandemic. The race began in a more isolated area as opposed to busy downtown Anchorage and the race has been shortened. Spectators are allowed but are being advised to follow safety protocol. The Riders and dog teams are also being kept more at a distance this year to protect not only the participants but spectators as well.

CLICK HERE to follow the race and see the riders and dogs. The riders are about two days in now and look to be on the trail for at least a week. Ryan Redington from Skagway, Alaska is currently in the lead, but there is a lot more race to go! We were invited Sunday to our friends Ruth and Dennis' home to watch the kickoff of the Iditarod and that was a lot of fun. Dennis was stationed in Alaska while in the Army, my brother Brian also spent a few years in Alaska .... would love to visit there one day for sure.

So what if you want to try dog sledding here in New Jersey? April and I a few winters ago wanted to try dog sledding and the closest site for us here at the Jersey Shore was in the Poconos with a group called Arctic Paws.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and the dogs were fantastic. They love the "run" and it was so cool to drive the sled and to be the rider. The folks told us about the dogs and taught us how to drive the sled, it was surreal going through the mountainsides with the dogs, the snow, and the cold crisp air....what an adventure.

Check out photos and videos from our adventure.


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