Something happened to me over the weekend that's never happened before.  I got stuck in an elevator.  I was in Gettysburg, PA attending a Rotary District Conference.  After having a nice chat with some folks, they got off at their floor.  Then the doors closed and I was alone planning to ride up another few levels to where my room was.  But instead of going up, the elevator car descended.  The panel seemed unresponsive when I pushed the number of my floor again.  Then I heard peoples' voices.  "Why am I back down at the lobby?"  I wondered.  And, "Uh oh, why isn't the door opening?"

My immediate reaction was to press the call button.  Thankfully the hotel operator answered and said she would send help right away.

Then soon after, the door opened and I was greeted by a bunch of Rotary members from Ocean County!  One woman from Brick was my hero.  She was able to nudge the door open so I could get out.

Truth be told, I left the elevator after just a few minutes so I didn't start to panic.  But it was very interesting what thoughts started to cross my mind.  Did I have my phone in my purse?  Yes.  Was it charged? Yes.  Then I sat down thinking I might as well be comfortable while waiting to be rescued.

I wondered whether being alone was a good thing or a bad thing.  On the down side I could get lonely.  Having others in the car would help pass the time.  But if it was crowded, people might not have had room to sit and relax.  It might have felt really warm.  And what if someone was claustrophobic or started to have a panic attack?

The whole ordeal got me wondering about elevator safety.  This site has some helpful information.

Have YOU ever been trapped in an elevator?  For how long?



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