After last week's devastating fire on Washington and Robbins Streets in downtown Toms River, some businesses are recovering and operating already.

I took the walk from our office at the end of Robbins Street just a little while ago to take a look for myself and to grab some lunch.

Unfortunately, the far Robbins Street businesses (East Coast Gamers, Hometown Heroes, etc) are pretty much gutted and destroyed, the Washington Street side of the building is doing ok, though.

I stopped by Capone's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta to grab some lunch and, while they are still cleaning up from mostly water damage, as you can see in the picture above, they had a full selection of pizzas ready to go, and they're open and operating.

While we all take some time to process the losses and try to help our neighbors who were impacted, let's help those that we can right now and come downtown to show our support!