We have snow in the forecast here at the Jersey Shore (3 inches for Ocean County & 2 inches for Monmouth County) and we are just ten days away from Christmas. I thought I'd ask the question does snow at the Holidays' bring you "fun" or "frustration" ?

There's a lot of things going on this time of year and do you enjoy the "winter wonderland" or does it make you crazy trying to get out and about? I think if I had to pick a perfect scenario, maybe a lil snow on Christmas Eve would make for a picturesque scene, but right now it just adds to frustration getting things done and it probably won't even be here by Santa's arrival!

Stay with us on the web and on the air for the latest on our impending snow and be sure to check WOBM Stormwatch for latest in closings and cancellations!

How do YOU feel ?




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