It's been interesting following coverage of the strange space rock that's been caught flying around.  The Oumuamua is believed to be an asteroid from another solar system that's been traveling around for longer than we can imagine.  There's no risk of it crashing into Earth and hurting anyone, so that's good.  But because of the uniqueness of this object, there's been some talk about the possibility of it being a space ship containing creatures from another planet.

I think I'm a pretty open minded person but I'm not buying the theory about aliens.  I don't think about whether they would be friendly like E.T. the Extra Terrestrial from the movie.  I don't ponder what I would do if a space ship landed in my backyard.  I simply don't think about the possibility of visitors from outer space.

But I know many of you do so I thought today you could use the Comments section to share your views on the topic.  Do you believe in alien life-forms?  What do you think they look like?  Do you expect to have a close encounter in Ocean County during this lifetime?  If they asked you to show them around, what would you include on your tour of the Jersey Shore?

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