Do You Think Aliens Could Visit Ocean County?
Do you believe in alien life-forms? What do you think they look like? Do you expect to have a close encounter in Ocean County during this lifetime? If they asked you to show them around, what would you include on your tour of the Jersey Shore?
Great Sky Watching This Week!
There are truly few things that I love more than looking at the night sky. Ever since my childhood at summer camp, I've loved laying outside and gazing up at a crystal clear night sky. And this week we'll have not one, but a trio of treats in the skies over Ocean County.
Jersey Shore UFO's
First we must ask the question, do you believe in UFO's? Unidentified Flying Objects! 
Many do and many do not. I do believe that there must be some other forms of life out in the great vastness of space, but what types of life ... well that I'm stumped on...

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