Did You See The Strawberry Moon?
Did You See The Strawberry Moon? It was a bit tough the last few days to get a good view of our latest full moon, however Sunday night it was out and we grabbed some shots for you in case you missed it.
UFO Sightings Here at the Jersey Shore
First we must ask the question, do you believe in UFO's? Unidentified Flying Objects! 
Many do and many do not. I do believe that there must be some other forms of life out in the great vastness of space, but what types of life ... well that I'm stumped on...
Remember Sputnik, Moon Walk, and Space Shuttles?
World Space Week just passed, a celebration of science and technology and how they have improved our lives.  The United Nations General Assembly created this special week to commemorate the October 1957 launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, which opened the way for space explora…

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