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According to a Fox News report, an asteroid will pass very close to Earth on Thursday.

In a report published by the Virtual Telescope Project, an asteroid (Asteroid 2020 SW) will pass us today, but at what scientists call a “close” range. So what is close? Well nearly 20,000 miles ..... not close by our standards on Earth, but in space possibly.

Asteroid 2020 SW will safely fly past the planet at a distance of approximately 17,556 miles. According to reports, the exact size of 2020 SW is unclear to scientists, but it is "estimated to be about 14 to 32 feet in diameter," according to EarthSky.org

A little history about Asteroid 2020 SW ..... the asteroid was first discovered on September 18, 2020, by researchers at the  Mt. Lemmon Observatory in Arizona, but it has made close approaches to Earth since Sept. 1975, according to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). Since 1975, Asteroid 2020 SW has made approaches at a fairly constant rate.

After Asteroid 2020 SW flies past Earth on Thursday, the next time it will zip past the planet is nearly a decade later, on June 3, 2029.

So no need to worry, but I think we are all glad someone is keeping an eye on these things. Last thing we need in 2020 is more issues.

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